Tetris is a puzzle video game that was originally designed by Alexey Pajitnov. The game was officially released on June 6th, 1984. Since its release, the game has achieved enormous popularity and received major commercial success. Its success was further enhanced with the launch of the Game Boy version in 1989. The game was included in several computer operating systems and video game consoles as well as on many devices such as graphing calculators, portable media players, mobile phones, PDAs and Network music players. The 100th issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly declared Tetris as the "Greatest Game of All Time".

How to play Tetris game

Tetriminos are geometrically shaped game pieces resembling tetrominoes. Each of them consists of four square blocks. Random sequences of Tetriminos slide down along the playing field. The field is a rectangular vertical shaft, known as the "matrix" or "well". The essential purpose of the game is to maneuver these Tetriminos one at a time so as to create a horizontal line of ten blocks without any gaps. The player can also rotate the Tetriminos by 90 degrees if he or she wants to. Once a line without gaps is created, the blocks disappear and the blocks above the erased line will then fall in place. The game proceeds to the next level once a certain number of lines are completed. The Tetriminos fall faster as the game progresses to higher levels. The game ends when the pile of Tetriminos reaches the top of the field, thereby blocking the way for new Tetriminos to enter. In some cases, the game ends after a definite number of lines or levels are cleared.

All Tetriminos can make single and double clears. I, J, and L are capable of making triple clears. The I Tetrimino can simultaneously clear four lines; this is called a "tetris".

The player can increase the speed at which the current piece is falling instead of waiting for it to descend on its own.

Colors of Tetriminos

The original version of the game used green brackets as blocks. Versions of Tetris that appear on the original Game Boy, Game Boy Color and the majority of the dedicated handheld games generally use grayscale or monochrome graphics. However, most popular versions of the game employ separate colors for each definite shape. The color of the tetris blocks varied widely from one version to the other prior to the standardization of The Tetris Company in the last decade.

Scoring on Tetris

Scoring on Tetris depends on the clearing of lines, with more difficult clearings being awarded more points. A single line clearing can bring 100 points, while scoring a Tetris or four lines at once generates 800 points and two consecutive Tetris results increases the score by 1200 points.

Easy Spin Feature on Tetris

Some Tetris versions include a feature called "easy spin" which is the tendency of a Tetrimino to pause for a moment after a rotational spin or a right or left movement. This gives the player time and opportunity to effectively decide where to place the Tetrimino. This feature had been frequently criticized as it essentially breaks the game mechanism. The player needs to complete and clear the lines as fast as possible and the "easy spin" feature is not in keeping with the main goal of the game.