Pac man

Pac-Man is an arcade game created by Namco Limited, Japan. The game was initially released in Japan in 1980. It became widely popular upon its release and still continues to be a hot favorite among gamers. It is often widely regarded as a classic and a popular icon of 80s pop culture. Since its release, the game and its derivatives became a huge social phenomenon. It also inspired several merchandise, an animated TV series as well as a top ten hit single.

How to play Pac-Man

The player monitors Pac-Man through a maze while eating pellets or pac-dots. Once all the dots are consumed, Pac-Man moves on to the next stage. There are four enemies, namely Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde who traverse through the maze and try to catch Pac-Man. The player loses a life when an enemy gets hold of Pac-Man. The game ends once all the lives have been finished. There is a default setting by which Pacman receives a single bonus life once it has reached the 10000 points mark. There are DIP switches inside the machine which can change the required number of points; one can also choose to disable the bonus life option altogether.

There are four large flashing dots near the four corners of the maze known as power pellets that present Pac-Man with a temporary skill to consume the enemies. After being attacked by Pac-Man, the enemies turn into a deep blue color and start moving more slowly in the reverse direction. The enemies retain their eyes after being eaten and move on to the center box of the maze where it can regenerate its normal color. The blue enemies flash white light before they regain their original power. How long will the enemies remain vulnerable? Well, that totally depends on at what stage the player is in and the duration gradually shortens with the progress of the game. In the later stages, the enemies will bypass the blue color stage and straight go to flashing. They however move in the reverse direction once Pac-Man eats a power pellet.

Pacman The enemies in the Pac-Man game are variously known as "ghosts" or "monsters". The behavior of the enemies might seem to be random and eccentric. However, their activities are strictly deterministic that the players can use to their advantage.

Creator Toru Iwatani said that each of the enemies are designed with a distinct personality of their own so that the game does not become too boring or the challenges presented in the game become too hard to overcome. He further stated that the red enemy is meant to chase Pac-Man and the pink and blue enemies aim at positioning themselves before Pac-Man. The orange enemy chases Pac-Man in most cases; however it can also position itself near the lower left corner of the maze when it is too near to Pac-Man.

Perfect Pac-Man

A perfect Pac-Man game is said to occur once the player can achieve maximum possible points on the first 255 levels without losing any life and by acquiring the maximum number of points at the last level.