Lode runner

Lode Runner is a platform game released in 1983 by Brøderbund. It was one of the first games that had a level editor, a unique feature that enabled the players to create their own game levels. This helped the game to earn immense popularity and many magazines like the Computer Gaming World organized contests to find out who can build the best level. At present, Tozai, Inc. holds the IP and Trademark rights of this game.

How to play Lode Runner game

The main objective of this game is for the player to collect all gold in a particular level by avoiding the guards who attempt to catch the player. After the player has collected all the gold, he has to move to the top of the screen to go to the next level. There are a total of 150 levels; the levels become more and more challenging as the game progresses.

The levels comprise of multi-storied brick platforms that has suspended hand- to-hand bars and ladders offering numerous ways to travel throughout the maze. The player has the added option of digging holes into floors which can temporarily trap the guards; the player can then safely walk over trapped guards. If a guard was carrying a gold bar when he gets trapped into a hole, the bar will be left behind which can then be collected by the player. The holes dug by the player will get filled when they regenerate with time. A trapped guard who is unable to escape a hole before it gets regenerated will appear immediately in a random position at the top of the particular level. Unlike the guards, the player may not get out of a hole and will get killed if the hole fills before he can get away by some other means. The floor may have trapdoors through which the guards and player might fall. The player cannot dig through bedrock in the floor.

Lode Runner
It is an important thing to note that the player can only dig holes to the sides and never directly underneath himself. Due to this, while digging a hole that is X blocks high, the player must also create a gap of at least X width so that he can dig through it. This is important as the spaces will reduce with each layer and the player will require a minimum of one free space for digging. This condition however does not apply when the player is digging while hanging from a hand-to-hand bar or by positioning himself on a ladder, as it allows the player to dig and drop one row at a time. This step by step digging is crucial in solving many challenging levels.

The player begins the game with five lives and gets an additional life after completing each level. A life is lost when any of the guards catch the player and the present level restarts. The player cannot jump but can fall from random heights without any injury. If the player gets trapped inside a pit, he has to abort the level, lose a life and then start again.