Frogger is an arcade game that was launched in 1981. The game was created by Konami and was distributed worldwide by Sega/Gremlin. Since its release, the game has achieved a classic status and is highly regarded for its theme and novel game play. It was also one of the earliest games to use more than one processor, using two Z80 processors for its operation. The game still enjoys a widespread popularity to this day and several versions of it can be found all over the internet.

How to play Frogger

The main aim of the game is to guide the frogs one by one to their homes. The frogs have to cross a busy road and a hazardous river on their way towards their home. Each of the frogs must avoid being run down by cars when they are on the road and save themselves from being hit by objects or being devoured by animals. A skillful player may also acquire bonus points along the way.

Frogger The player begins the game of frogger with three, five or seven frogs. At the beginning of the game, the frog is positioned at the base of the screen. The player navigates the frog through the road and the river. The lower portion of the screen displays a road with vehicles like cars, buses, trucks, bulldozers, dune buggies, vans, bicyclists, taxis as well as motorcycles that travel along the road horizontally. The upper portion of the screen shows a river with crocodiles, turtles and logs that move horizontally along the screen. There are a few "frog homes" that can be seen on the top of the screen, which are the ultimate destinations for the frogs. Each of the levels has a time limit within which the player must try to finish the level. If not, the level will automatically expire with completion of the time.

The only control that the player can use in this game is the joystick to monitor the frog movements. Once the joystick is pushed in a particular direction, it causes the frog to move in that direction. While traveling through the road, the frog must be monitored so as to avoid being crushed by cars, trucks and other vehicles that come from both directions.

There is a median on the middle of the screen between the road and the river where the player can stand before preparing to cross the river.

The player can guide the frog safely to one of the frog homes or lilypads at the top of the screen by jumping on turtle backs and swiftly moving logs. The player should avoid dangerous animals such as crocodiles, otters and snakes in the river. However, the frog may catch bugs or get bonus points by escorting a lady frog. Once all the frogs are guided home, the player can start with the next more challenging level. After crossing the first five levels, the game becomes easier for a brief period and then again gets progressively difficult till the next fifth level.