Donkey kong

Donkey Kong is a popular arcade game which was launched in 1981 by Nintendo. It was among the earliest known platform games where the player had to guide the main character across several platforms while jumping and dodging over the obstacles. The Jumpman in the game will have to save Lady from the giant ape called Donkey Kong. In time, the Jumpman and the ape went on to become two of the most popular characters of Nintendo.

How to play Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is one of the earliest platform games to have complex features such as jumping between gaps, over obstacles or closing enemies. This established the template based on which the future platform games were built. Several referees and competitive gamers have compared its high difficulty level to many other classic arcade games. It takes a lot of patience to win this game; one must accurately ascertain the time of Jumpman's ascent. Apart from the principal target of rescuing the Lady, the player can also score points which are based on finishing screens, demolishing objects with hammer, jumping over obstacles, accumulating goods like hats, purses and parasols (which belong to the Lady/Pauline) and completing other challenging tasks. The player usually gets three lives with bonus points for the initial 10,000 points. However, the bonus settings can be altered by using the game's built-in DIP switches.

The entire game is split into four separate one-screen rounds. Each of them symbolizes 25 m of the entire structure that Donkey Kong has climbed, each stage being 25 m higher than the last one. The fourth and final stage occurs at 100 meters. Some later ports of Donkey Kong bypasses or changes the order of the screens. The original arcade version of the game included the following:

In Screen 1 (25 m), the hero has to ascend a seven-storied construction area consisting of crooked beams and ladders while hammering or jumping over various barrels thrown by Donkey Kong. Jumpman will also have to avoid being burned by flaming balls. Players frequently refer to this screen as "Barrels".

In Screen 2 (50 m), the hero must scale a five-story conveyor belt structure that transports cement pans. The fireballs can also be seen at this stage. This stage is often referred to as the "Pie Factory" or "Factory" as the cement pans look a lot like pies.

In Screen 3 (75 m), the hero moves up and down in elevators while escaping bouncing objects like spring weights and fireballs. The spring weights appear on the topmost level and drop close to the rightmost elevator. This screen is commonly known as "Elevators".

In Screen 4 (100 m), Jumpman must get rid of the eight rivets which support Donkey Kong. The main obstacle in this stage is the fireballs. When the hero removes the final rivet, Donkey Kong is defeated and the hero reunites with the Lady/Pauline. This fourth screen is referred by players as "Rivets".

Donkey Kong The player will lose a life if:

  • Jumpman runs into or crashes against a fireball, flaming oil barrel, barrel, spring weight, cement pan or Donkey Kong.
  • Jumpman falls off through the open rivet holes.
  • The bonus timer runs out and reaches 0.