Retro Games

The 80s saw a huge rise in the popularity of video games. A number of well known video games such as Pac-Man, Mario World, Pong and Space Invaders became a rage back in those times. Although at present these old games might seem dwarfed by the high advanced games of modern era, these retro games still retain their old world charm and simplicity. There is still a wide popularity and demand among today's gamers for these old games, and retrogaming is a popular subculture among today's gaming enthusiasts. Retrogaming or old-school gaming is the practice of collecting and playing old PC games, consoles and arcade video games. Retro games can be played on the original hardware for which they were made in the first place. They can also be played on modern hardware using emulation, or through ports or compilations. Ardent followers of retrogaming culture are often referred to as old school gamers or classic gamers in the United States, whereas in the United Kingdom, they are plainly called retrogamers. The games are more commonly known as retro games, old-school games or classic games. Retro Games
The idea of retrogaming is sometimes linked with indie gaming; however both are not the same. Indie games refer to those games that are not published by a conventional publisher. Again the terms retro game or old school game can also be applied to a new game, provided the new game has features similar to old retro games. The old school role playing games are a good example of such games.

Modern Retro

The success of modern day retro gaming consoles has brought along with it a hint of nostalgia. It has also resulted in the production of many modern day games that try to mimic the old world look in these new games. Modern Retro games create limitations on resolution, color palette and memory usage much below the actual capacity of the hardware to replicate the appearance of older hardware. Policies such as these may be incorporated as a general concept of a retro game or it might also involve a definite piece of hardware. Modern retrogaming was made popular partially by the concept of independent gaming, where much stress was put on shorter developmental time. Modern Retro may also refer to games that have retro-style design and interface with modern graphics, such as Space Invaders Extreme, Scary Maze Game, Pac-Man: Championship Edition or 3D Dot Game Heroes.